Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hi Guys,
I am not sure if many (or any) of you are checking this over the summer...I can only imagine the fun things we could be writing about from your summer adventures (hikes, camps, backyard fun, sports, vacations, etc.) I would love for you to blog about any of those or something else interesting from your summer vacation.

Happy summering,
Mrs. W


  1. One fun thing our family did so far was take a trip to Charlotte, NC. Mr. W had a business trip there so the boys and I tagged along for the ride:). The best part was a drive thru zoo along the way. A first for all of us, and I LOVED it. The animals came right up to the car and were fascinating to see. I hope that we can go to the one in Virginia soon! Anyone else ever been to one of these?

  2. My wife and I took our youth group to Colorado for youth camp this summer. It was great being able to share the beauty of the mountains with a bunch of kids that hadn't been there before. Mostly I have not been doing much of anything, just enjoying the quiet.

  3. Hi Mrs. Wilson! Hope you're having a great summer! One thing I did this summer was go to Disneyworld after school in June. Currently I am attending Mrs. Lewis' summmer reading camp. It's great hope you have great summer!

  4. DISNEY WORLD!! It's like you won the Super Bowl:) I bet that was an awesome trip. Although it may not be quite as exciting, summer reading camp will definitely help you start out on the right foot come this fall. Good for you for continuing to work hard this summer!! Enjoy what is left.
    --Mrs. W

  5. Mrs. Wilson please tell me if you need me to visit because I'd love to. Hope to see you soon!

    Jack McKessy