Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Adventure Novels

We have been enjoying adventure novels by Will Hobbs. Although we haven't finished, please comment on your favorite or least favorite part of the book so far!


  1. This book is action-packed with cliff hanger chapters. So far this is a great book!!!

    James #8

  2. I think that Go Big or Go Home is great so far. My favorite part is when the meteorite crashes through the roof of Brady's house. I like how it just crashes right through his roof and through his bed! I can't wait to finish the book and see how it ends.
    I <3 this book!


  3. So far I think Wild Man Island a great book. I like it because it talks about what I like fishing, animals, and outdoors. I would recommend this book to people who like adventures and outdoors. I think yo need to be at lest 8 years to understand the book Wild Man Island.

  4. My book, Wild Man Island, has many twists and turns but its all understandable. This book is entirely adventure (Well, its by Will Hobbs...). If you have a chance I would read this book.

  5. The book I'm reading is Go Big or Go Home. My favorite part in the book was when the meteorite crashed into Brady's house. My least favorite part was when he lost the meteorite at the lake.

    -- Jalen #12 --

  6. I am reading Jason's Gold. My favorite part was when Jason sees Jack London in this bright red long john's. I thought this was very funny.


  7. I have a favorite part in the book Wild Man Island so far. I loved the part where Randy goes up into the helicopter and gets saved. Then I liked the part where they talk about the Wild Man and the Newfoundland Dog. It just fascinates me, because it is so close to nature, but yet has so much adventure.


  8. The book Wild Man Island is a great book I like it because it has all the stuff that I love. I would recommend this book to people who like outdoors.


  9. My favorite part of Go Big or Go Home is when Brady saves the kid and vaults over the bull. I felt like I was right with Brady and my heart was pumping as fast as his. I am really enjoying Go Big or Go Home.
    --Jack, #14