Wednesday, January 27, 2010


TICK TOCK...the time has escaped us again. We have been busy getting back into our routine since break. We are about to begin our POETRY Unit (one of my favorites). Use this space to write about your favorite poem and/or your favorite type of poem. We will be adding some of our poems as we write over the next few weeks.


  1. My favorite poem goes like this. The artist mixed some blue and green, to paint a sassy underwater scene. I love couplets!!!!!! My favorite poem person is definetly Shel Silverstein. Alex Rowe 16

  2. My favorite poem is The Road Not Taken. My favorited poet is tatally Shel Silverstein. by Skyler 15

  3. I like the poems that are kind of long, tell a story, and keep rhyming.
    My favorite poets are either Dr.Suess of Jack Prulutski

  4. my favorite poet is Robert Frost


  5. MY favorite type of poem is humorous. Humorous poems put a laugh in my day. Who dosen't like that?

    Jackson May

  6. My favorite poem is The Road Not Taken- john

  7. My favorite type of Poem is possitively a Hiaku. I like Haikus because they are short and easy to write.


  8. My favorite poet is Shel Silverstein.


  9. My favorite poem is The Hunting Song of the Seone Pack by Rudrik Kipling. I like it because it is about a seone pack hunting down other animals in a creepy way and also it has a good rhythm! Lee Dudley 4

  10. My favorite type of poem is humorful poems. My favorite poet is Jack Prelutsky. My favorite poem of his is called I Have a Secret Dragon.

    --Jack McKessy, #14

  11. My favorite poem is the monster in my closet. William 10

  12. My favorite poem is Casey's up to bat.

    James Hill #8

  13. I want you to know
    one thing.

    You know how this is:
    if I look
    at the crystal moon, at the red branch
    of the slow autumn at my window,
    if I touch
    near the fire
    the impalpable ash
    or the wrinkled body of the log,
    everything carries me to you,
    as if everything that exists,
    aromas, light, metals,
    were little boats
    that sail
    toward those isles of yours that wait for me.
    That is the first part of my favorite poem by Pablo Neruda

  14. My favorite type of poem is Hyku.
    My favorite poem person would totally be Robert Frost.
    Jalen 12

  15. I love hikus (I think I misspelled that). My favorite one has no name, but goes like this.
    Hikus can be fun,
    but sometimes they don't make sense.

    -Mitch 2

  16. My favorite poems are one's that make long stories short or sports poems. My favorite poet is definetely Shel Silverstein.

  17. My favorite poem is The Road Not Taken. My favorite poet is Robert Frost.