Tuesday, September 15, 2009


There has been a great deal of lurking and looking at other blogs. It seems clear that as a class you need to be committed to taking your work seriously before posting for all to see. I think we are ready for that challenge. Take a moment to reflect on your school experience. What is an important lesson about learning? Do you think it is more important to get an A or to have a true understanding of a concept? Is it okay to "forget" the information after a test or should you strive to learn it well enough that you can recall it later?



  1. Does each student have a blog? I have a lot of students who are studying to be teachers and they want to comment on student's blogs. Just let me know and we will get involved!
    John Strange
    Professor of Professional Studies
    University of South Alabama
    You will find contact information there and at http://www.johnstrange.com

  2. I really like the Tanzania project a lot.

  3. I am excited to make the kites because it will be cool to see what the kids from Tanzania do with there kites.
    Will 18

  4. This comment is for the Tanzania Kite
    I think the project is cool and interesting. I wonder what the kids from Tanzania are going to put on the flag? This is the coolest project I have don so far. Can't wait


  5. I loved learning about the culture/traditions that Father Erasto told us about. I can't wait until we can hear more about it on Wed.


  6. The Kite Project is very exciting! I can't wait to interact with Tanzanian students. It will be interesting to learn about their view of the world and what they are like.

    -- Jack, #14

  7. I am very excited to do the Tanzanian kite project. I want to learn all about the schools there. I also want to see how they think about the world. I also hope they send or draw a picture of their classroom. This is the coolest project I have done in my years at St. Christopher's and I hope it is a great sucess.

    ALEX <(..<)

  8. I think the RIP words idea is awesome. I think it will expand our vocab and help us get rid of "dead words". My word was love. it is retired by adore and cherish. Love is a strong word but is also a "dead wor" sometimes. I love the dead word idea.