Friday, May 15, 2009


Some more Voicethread Novel Shares.


  1. I think that the Ranger's Apprintice series was very good because it had lots of action and had some very good plots that you would think no one could get out of.

  2. Nathan
    I reccomend The Redwall series because it is about animals. It starts out with four or five animals switching back and forth between points of view. Not all of the animals are in the same place but they meet to solve a problem, usualy an evil warlord with an army at his back htreatning peace in the forest. it is a long series that is not written in chronological order. Each story has a slow begning but the middle and end are realy good.

  3. Dear Mrs. Wilson's class,
    Remember that you can review books in Destiny Quest, the library catalog. Please tell the other boys about the books you've loved.

    Thank you! Mrs. Whitehurst